SmartSales is the ideal tool to support professionals distributing food and beverages

Connect with clients

Automatically access up-to-date information on all your contacts before entering a meeting. Their opening hours, order history, things you have discussed during previous visits, your objectives, etc.

SmartSales will help you to create authentic relationships with your clients.

The app and all its data complies with GDPR legislation.

Map view

Target specific customers or promising prospects with our inventive filters and help yourself locate opportunities along the way!

Manage your territory efficiently with easy-to-use mapping tools. Improve your trip planning and be where your are the most expected.

Advanced catalog and order system

Place orders directly during a meeting and make your client sign the order directly on the iPad.

Display your complete and up-to-date catalog at any time – online and offline. Product specifications, stock and right prices or discounts will be automatically visible. You can also manage PLV tracking.

Sell smarter and simplify your sales cycle by integrating orders with your ERP and your wholesaler(s).

Visit Reports

Reporting has never been simpler. Use inventive visit reports to gather all necessary information during a meeting, you can even add pictures. Track each interaction with your customers to ensure effective customer care.

Create any template you want in seconds – surveys, expense notes…

Drastically reduce your paperwork and never lose time again doing time-consuming administrative work.

Easy document management

Centralize documents in one place.

SmartSales guarantees a professional appearance and helps you gain your prospects’ trust.

Quickly create personalised presentations, collaborate with ease and always have your files up-to-date.

Sales Dashboard

Outperform the competition by making informed decisions when adjusting your business strategy.

Share your insights with the team and boost productivity. The adjustable dashboard provides an overview that gives you the data you need at your fingertips.

Visualize your data and commercial activity and manage the performance of your team. Turn that data into reports that help analyze and forecast your business.

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