SmartSales is specialized in the healthcare sector


Medical delegation

The ideal tool for representatives to lobby in a professional way at doctor's offices or in hospitals.


Pharma delegation

Let your sales representatives take more orders with this inventive tool when he is at a (para)pharmacy, veterinarian, cosmetic, ...

Pharmacy/doctor information

Get all information of your medicine or pharmacist at a glance before entering a meeting.

Look at the full order history, know your most used products and direct competitors, check if you have the right IMS and APB numbers, …

SmartSales data are GDPR ready.


Show your complete and up-to-date catalog at any time and make them sign directly on the iPad.

Product specifications, stock and the right discounts will be visible automatically. Manage all your samples with the catalog.

Your sales team can easily add a manual discount on every product while doing a demo.

Visit reports

Use inventive visit reports to gather all necessary information during a meeting.

Create your own template for every type of meeting, for exemple: expense notes, car kilometers tracking, optin, …

Product description

Show your videos, PowerPoints, documents ... in a professional way and send the most important files directly to your person of contact.

Create specific presentations for every type of meeting in a very fast way, based on the available documents.

Reporting tool

Stay ahead of your competition, make informed decisions and have more business insights with the analytics module.

Check the performance of your sales team and adjust your strategy depending on the results.

Visualize your data with the customizable dashboard and share insight across your organization.

Map view

See where all pharmacies, hospitals … are located via the colored pop-ups on the map.

Map out your most efficient route and gain time. Choose specific colors for all types of clients.

Wanna see which companies have the most potential? Use the inventive filters to find out!

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