• Client

    Bertrand Duquesne

  • Function

    Administrateur Délégué

Unda is a laboratory specialising in the formulation and packaging of health products in different homeopathic forms marketed in Belgium and for export.
They produce a wide range of products to meet all sorts of needs (including drops, syrups, sprays, lotions, toothpastes, tablets and tubes of homeopathic medicines). They also offer help and support for the development of new products, trials, purchases and procurement.

“I had the opportunity to see the application at work, and I asked for a quote. After that, it all happened quite quickly.”

Bertrand Duquesne, Unda’s managing director, tells us about their experience of our SmartSales application:

“We became aware of the need for this kind of solution when we set up a new sales team. We were looking for a tool that would help us manage diaries and take pharmaceutical orders.
The solution is very simple, everyone has lots of opportunities to get to grips with it. It’s fun and a pleasure to use. Our team is really happy with the solution, they use it every day and everyone recommends the application. The 7 members of the team have stakes in other companies and they really like the simplicity and modernity of the application.”

“The app is such friendly-user that my users don’t need a lot of training to use it”

SmartSales saves them time and money, but that’s not all.

“To begin with, I saved money compared with other solutions offered to me, as they were all much more expensive.

I also saved time in terms of learning about the solution, I don’t have to spend 3 hours training my teams as it’s so easy to use.
Lastly, I made savings in terms of the users, as they really do use the application directly thanks to its simplicity. You often see salespeople writing everything down on paper, and then retyping it on their computer. With SmartSales, that isn’t the case, as everyone uses it directly so the information is available in real time.
To make sure the solution works as effectively as possible for us, we provide regular feedback about our use of the application and our views on potential developments. It’s a solution that can be adapted to lots of different fields. I would strongly recommend it.”